Denmark-Olar Middle School SC Ready Testing Schedule-Spring 2023

Megaphone saying Important information

Please do not allow students to bring cell phones, smart watches or any electronic devices to school during testing. Items brought to school will be collected, secured daily and returned to students following the conclusion of testing.


Download the SC READY Assessment Brochure for Parents and Students Here!


SC Ready Schedule

Writing & Reading

  • May 9-10 (6th grade ELA)
  • May 11 & 15 (7th grade ELA)
  • May 16 & 17 (8th grade ELA)


  • May 18 (6th grade math)
  • May 22 (7th grade math)
  • May 23 (8th grade math)


  • May 24 (6th grade science)

Please be sure students are present every day for testing. Students will not be released from school during testing. We ask that you do not schedule out of school appointments during these dates. Testing will begin each day by 8:15am and we anticipate the conclusion of testing by 12:00pm daily (state tests are NOT timed).

Chromebooks must be charged nightly. Students will NOT have access to charge computers in class. Students who need to charge computers may leave them at the school each evening to be charged during testing.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Brenda Hughes, Professional Guidance Counselor at (803) 793-3383.